Brisk Platinum Spark Plugs A-Line

Platinum core electrode Brisk spark plugs are designed for modern vehicles with extremely long servicing schedules.

The Platinum plugs can be used in port or direct injection engines.

The Platinum core and unique shape give this model extreme resistance to high stress, vibration together with fast temperature and pressure changes. With very little wear over cycle life the A-Line plugs are designed to last for around 100k KM or 60k Miles.

Small and highly conductive electrode tip helps in flame front propagation in the combustion chamber and contributes to increase in engine power. This design suppresses the quenching effect during cold starts.

Long replacement interval and perfect ignition of air-fuel mixture are the benefits of Platinum core and zinc / nickel coated surface finish of earth electrode.

For more information on different models available, please download Brisk Super catalogue from our 'Download' page.

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Brisk Platinum Spark Plugs A - Line

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