Brisk Premium Racing Spark Plugs LGS & GS are a high quality products with emphasis on performance being at the top of its technical specification.

Brisk racing spark plugs are ideally used in modified engines with applications in wide range of motorsports, track racing and fast road. Brisk racing spark plugs are a must with high lift camshafts, higher compression, running higher boost in turbocharged or supercharged inter-cooled engines, stronger spark is producing more power by increased flash surface area and bigger flame front burning more efficiently and completely during combustion cycle.

The LGS and GS range of Brisk spark plugs have silver centre core electrode and have either multiple or no earth electrodes generating strong circular arc.


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Brisk Racing Spark Plugs GS LGS Multi Electrode

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AR08GS Brisk Racing Spark Plugs

Racing Spark Plugs

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DOR14LGS Premium Spark Plugs

Racing Spark Plugs

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