Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs are fitted with small diameter silver centre core electrode this design is usually accompanied by single hook type earth electrode.

With alternative fuel vehicles being popular the introduction of gaseous fuels like LPG Propane, CNG Compressed Natural Gas, Methane or even hydrogen means the standard spark plugs are unable to ignite properly causing rough running, misfire, engine knock and engine check light coming on casing vehicle to go in to limp mode. The Brisk silver range are special spark plugs designed to be used with those fuels.

The requirement for this type of spark plugs arose from market demand as the alternative fuel market increased over the recent years.

There are any alternative fuels and they have different characteristics like specific energy, flame speed, stoichiometric mix and the octane rating.

The spark plug design eliminates problems caused by the different characteristics of LPG, CNG, Alcohol and LNG fuels from the original installation when running on petrol.

High thermal conductivity of silver offsets the higher heat stress without changing the thermal value of the spark plug and thoroughly covers the requirements of the engine even when running on petrol.

Shape of the electrode and the smaller electrode gap reduces voltage required to be supplied by the ignition system. The open spark gap does not hinder propagation of the gaseous fuel flame front and ensures perfect burning of the mixture, an advantageous even when using the SILVER range spark plugs for racing engines.

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Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs

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