Jeep Brisk Spark Plugs Performance Upgrade Ignition

Jeep Brisk Spark Plugs are a perfect upgrade and replacement over standard Mopar branded ignition systems. 

Brisk developed their plugs with performance and efficiency in mind, so don't be surprised that after fitting a set of Brisk spark plugs to your Jeep you will see lower emissions better fuel consumption and feel engine running smoother and and more responsive.

Brisk spark plugs have a performance upgrade for your jeep, our range covers classic AMC inline 6's, 4 'banger' through SRT8, Trackhawk, to 1.4 turbo found in modern Renegade.

If your engine is not listed or if you have any questions please click here for contact us page and drop us an email.

Jeep Brisk Spark Plugs

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